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Fine Line Developments Shares Phase 1 of Complete Home Renovation!

FineLine Developments are a Saskatoon owned and operated contracting, construction, and carpentry company. Owner’s Sven originates from Germany, which gives them an eye for European inspired designs. He specializes in custom carpentry including custom crown molding, fireplace mantel design, staircase railings, deck design, and more. No job is too small, or large. 
FineLine Developments are a Trusted Saskatoon general contractor. 

F I N E   L I N E   D E V E L O P M E N T S' 

C O M P L E T E  H O M E  R E N O V A T I O N:



Sven Gunter-Doerr and his premium renovation company, FineLine Developments Inc. crew have been hard at work on a total house transformation, so let’s take a look at the first phase of the project

Once finished, the original large open-space basement will include a spacious legal bedroom, a full bathroom open entertainment space and a separate utility room. FineLine chipped out the entire original concrete floor due to water leakage. To prevent future water damage, a new waterproofing system was installed to protect the foundation and new concrete flooring. With the new framing drywall, mudding and taping nearing completion, the focus will on completing the main floor to accommodate the homeowners' ability to move in as soon as possible.

The Main Floor

The 1,140 sq. ft. of this '50s-era bungalow will become fully maximized. By removing the original drywall and flooring, some walls will be relocated and reframed to accommodate the open concept space envisioned by Sven. All exterior walls will be reinsulated and wrapped before the new drywall is mudded and taped. A new gas fireplace will be plumbed in the living room and the original three-bedroom layout is being completely redesigned to include a spacious master suite and second bedroom/office area. 

Electrician Kevin Grotheim, from Riverbend Industries Ltd. is replacing the he entire electrical system of the house. Sven and Kevin have worked on several projects in the past. Sven maintains daily contact with the homeowners, keeping them updated with weekly progress meetings. He eagerly anticipates the finishing stage where the FineLine team will provide its specialty touches. 

Stay tuned for phase two of this total home transformation by Saskatoon's premium renovation experts, FineLine Developments Inc. 

FineLine Developments are certified Trusted Saskatoon Contractors making your next home project as enjoyable as possible! From great communication, to excellent, customized workmanship, FineLine Developments has your best interests as the client at heart. 

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