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The Trusted Saskatoon Physiotherapists at Boehm's Physiotherapy Provide Individualized Treatment

At Boehm's Physiotherapy, the primary focus is on the patient. The physiotherapists at Boehm's will listen to your story in order to fully understand how your injury is affecting so they can begin to build goals to restore the level of activity you desire. They are Trusted Saskatoon Physiotherapists and Exercise Specialists in our Saskatoon Health & Wellness category. Boehm's Physiotherapy will set you on the right path to a healthy recovery. In their latest Trusted tip they share information about the individualized treatment they offer. 

Individualized Treatment at Boehm’s Physiotherapy

They assess and treat you, not your condition. 

This leads to the question “Why get individualized treatment??"

Our assessment (the first and longest session you spend with your physiotherapist) provides our physiotherapists with an in-depth analysis of your body and most specifically the areas of non-optimal function.  Like a car, our bodies are made up of many working parts of a bigger system.  So do you need to repair every part to make things better?  The answer is no.  And the individualized treatment we provide brings us our solution and treatment plan. Restoring function to the most obvious fault often corrects more than one movement problem, and begins to restore confidence in moving.

We all want to move better, but don’t know where to start when pain is present.  Our team will find the source of pain, then find out what makes it better.  Following that, we teach you that movement in the form of a drill to begin to restore the learned movement, making it permanent and pain-free.

Then as layers of movement improve we continue with your individualized treatment giving you what is most needed to build lasting real strength and mobility supporting better function.  Then we set new goals for your activity and help you resume what it is you must have missed with being injured.  Your treatment is what we are proud to build as we create your unique and personalized return to your best!

Ask to see one of our physiotherapists today and get your individualized treatment that can be a roadmap for your journey back to optimal health and peak performance!

At Boehm’s Physiotherapy, we pride ourselves on serving each patient with dignity, respect, and compassion.

We are given the thumbs up by TrustedSaskatoon.comas Trusted Saskatoon Physiotherapists and Exercise Specialists.

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At Boehm's Physiotherapy, they pride ourselves on serving each patient with dignity, respect and compassion. Looking for a physiotherapist in Saskatoon, Warman, Martensville and area? We definitely recommend checking out this team! See all they do and read their listing here -  Trusted Saskatoon Physiotherapists and Exercise Specialists. 

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