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Choose Trusted Saskatoon Water Experts at Culligan Saskatoon for Your Bottled Water

Culligan Saskatoon has been treating your water needs in Saskatoon and Surrounding areas since 1949 by providing drinking water with their household systems. They are dedicated to making your water better using the best equipment, best service, and best prices around. They are locally owned and operated. In their latest Trusted Saskatoon water tip, they share information on why bottled water from Culligan Saskatoon is your best choice for clean, filtered drinking water. Culligan are Trusted Saskatoon Water Experts

Why Choose Culligan Saskatoon For Your Bottled Water

Bottled Water From Culligan Saskatoon

Culligan Saskatoon’s bottled water offers five gallons of water, ready and waiting for you to drink whenever you need it. But when it comes to “clean” water, how does Culligan’s bottled water filtration process compare to the other guys?

Water Collection and Distribution

Drinking water that may originate from a natural source is highly susceptible to contaminants – like lead, arsenic, nitrates, and chemical runoff – that get absorbed through the soil. When the water is collected and bottled, it may still contain some of these contaminants. It takes state-of-the-art technology and expert knowledge of water to ensure every sip is free of contaminants.

Steps to Cleaner, Culligan Bottled Water

At Culligan Saskatoon, water goes through a filtration process starting with a water softener to remove the calcium and magnesium or ‘total hardness’ from the water. From there, the chlorine and chloroform are removed from the water, next in line is a set of carbon filters followed by ultraviolet light to neutralize 99.9% of all bacteria. Before going through the Reverse Osmosis process it flows through an absolute filter. 

Culligan water then goes through Reverse Osmosis where the water is pushed through a filter made up of 23 layers with only water particles small enough to escape, removing 99% of the minerals. The final step is to go through another absolute filter and mix the water with ozone to prevent bacterial growth, giving Culligan water a shelf life of up to 2 years.

All bottles at Culligan Saskatoon are washed, rinsed, and filled within a washer-filler, before automatically being filled with clean, Culligan water in a positive air clean room, ensuring they are not filled by hand.

Clean Water Delivered

Keep the power of great water in your home or office with the convenient, efficient delivery of Culligan Bottled Water and Water Coolers. Our Route team will bring your order straight to you to ensure better water always remains in your cooler. Improve the quality of life for yourself and those you care about through the joy of better water.

Interested in Culligan’s bottled water? Contact Culligan Saskatoon today.

Culligan Saskatoon is the name you can trust when it comes to water in Saskatoon and the surrounding area and we look forward to meeting you!

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Culligan's Residential Products

Culligan's Commercial Products

Culligan is proud to offer their famous free water analysis just call and they'll come out to your home and test your water for impurities!


"You could give your people Culligan water"

Culligan are Trusted Saskatoon Water Experts

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