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WISEGUYS MATTRESS are SASKATOONS MATTRESS they share a Trusted tip about choosing the best mattress

Wiseguys Mattresses Saskatoon offer incredible value to their customers through a boutique style shopping experience, customized service and unbeatable prices. They aim to have every customer leave the store confident in their decision to buy, and with a guaranteed good night's sleep on their best SASKATOON MATTRESS.

Mark from Wiseguys Mattress,  Saskatoon Mattress experts, shares a Trusted tip

Well summer is here and my thoughts turn to the about yours?

Whether you have a cabin, trailer or RV, your time there is never long enough. So you definitely want to sleep well to enjoy every minute of it. Let’s face it; if you have ever owned a trailer or RV, you know the mattress is not, shall we say, good. When people come into my store to replace these mattresses and say they "want something cheap, it's "just for the lake", I tell them that you don't need to spend a lot of money for replacements, but you still want to be comfortable. You go to the lake to ENJOY yourself, and if you are not getting a good night’s sleep, you’re robbing yourself of some of that enjoyment. Think about it, would your day be more enjoyable if you weren't waking up sore, stiff or tired every morning? When people ask me about cabin beds, the first thing I ask them is how old is their beds at home. The reason for this is a good quality bed should last you on average about 8-10 years. If your beds are getting close to this, you might want to take your beds at home to the lake and buy new ones for your home. This might cost more now, but in the long run will save you money as you don't have to buy cabin beds now, and new beds for home in a couple of years. Your bed from home will have years and years of extra life as now you only are using it a few months a year at the lake. Get out and enjoy the summer.

Listen to Mark...he's " Da Boss"  after all..and he works in YOUR best interests..guaranteed!
Find Wiseguys Mattress ,Circle Dr. E. Saskatoon,fan them on Facebook or check out their listing here in the Saskatoon Furniture Category on THE Saskatoon Directory of excellence. They are YOUR Trusted SASKATOON MATTRESS Experts !

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