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Trusted Saskatoon directory brags about Frontier Veterinary Services as Trusted Saskatoon vets

Trusted Saskatoon directory team is thrilled to have bragging rights about Frontier Veterinary Services as Trusted Saskatoon Vets.

All the clients of Frontier Veterinary Services gave them 10 / 10 when we called them to check references and survey them ( we verify all of our Trusted partners - click here to read more about the unique Trusted verification process) here is what one happy pet owner said 


“I changed over to Frontier Vet from my original vet because they were referred to me. There prices were SO much better and their service was far superior. Every time I go in the staff is friendly and helpful. They have far exceeded my expectations. They are great. - Jackie Freidt, Saskatoon

Frontier Vets

Owned and operated by Dr. Teresa Cook, Frontier Veterinary Clinic is truly a Saskatoon Vet clinic who’s compassion and care for animals is evident in everything they do. This sincere love of animals and their welfare most likely began when Dr. Cook was a child, however, we began by researching her career after she obtained her veterinarian degree. Initially she began volunteering her time and assisting in a much needed spay and neuter clinic in northern B.C. This pattern continued throughout the years with Dr. Cook going as far as Jamaica where dogs and cats in these situations are often homeless and fending for themselves, malnourished and suffering from injury and disease. Un-neutered, they continually procreate, bringing more and more unwanted puppies and kittens into lives of suffering.

Five and a half years ago, Dr. Cook came to Saskatoon when she identified there was a need for an affordable spay and neuter clinic here. She started by opening Frontier Spay and Neuter Clinic , building her team and offering affordable spay and neutering to dog and cat owners in the Saskatoon and area.

On occasion this service was offered for free, people only had to bring in their pets to the clinic. This “affordability” continued as her services expanded and today Frontier Veterinary Clinic is a full service clinic, and still at very affordable prices. Their prices reflect some of the costs available in smaller towns, and the care and compassion shown, well that’s absolutely free of charge!


Frontier are Trusted Saskatoon Vets!

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