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Trusted thoughts on the Gastric Sleeve:


There is not a day goes by that I am not greatful for my sleeve…I am so greatful to have this tool to help me in my life. It has been an amazing journey with the ups and downs….many people have said to me so you took the EASY WAY OUT….

EASY WAY OUT….let’s just think about that for a minute…there has been nothing easy about this whole journey...

FIRST of all anyone who has suffered from obesity knows the ridicule they have taken, how ashamed they have felt, how low their self esteem was, how they hid behind others in pictures, how they tried to lose themselves in crowds hoping no one would see them, how they avoided family gatherings , how they avoided family photos and how they just didn’t want to participate in the fun things in lives. How they couldn’t walk a block and just wanted to be normal…now was that EASY?

SECOND how they knew their health was out of control and the fear of thinking they would have a heart attack, a stroke, have diabetes and many other obesity related diseases. Was it easy living like this from day to day? The depression it brought on, was this EASY to live with?

THIRD being ashamed that you resorted to weight loss surgery to assist you with your obesity thinking you took the EASY WAY OUT…has it been an easy journey…NO I DON’T THINK SO…it has be a challenge your whole life. I commend you all for taking charge of your LIVES and becoming healthy to SHARE your lives with your family for many years to come, being able to do the things that you enjoy.

We must remember the SLEEVE is just an extra tool in our weight loss journey…a very powerful tool but a tool nonetheless. It can be sabatoged as well…it is harder to sabatoge than a regular diet but it can be sabatoged. If we continue to fill up with non- nutritious foods,eat high fat, high carbs and sugar yes we can even sabatoge the sleeve…so is this the EASY WAY OUT?

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