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Fitness Solutions your Trusted Saskatoon Fitness equipment experts share a tip on Fitness gear and workouts

Fitness Solutions is a sincere company with a straightforward vision: to provide you with the fitness tools to change your life. They believe that with a little help every single person has the ability within themselves to achieve their fitness goals and that "Fit is not a destination, it's a way of life.".

Fitness Solutions are your Trusted Saskatoon Fitness & Fitness Equipment experts   

Here they share a tip on Fun and Functional Fitness Gear and Workouts: 

I want to talk about Fitness and I'm going to use the word Fun and also Functional. Does that seem crazy to you? A lot of trends come and go through our lifetime whether it be diets, cloths, music and of course fitness and workouts. While the bright neon spandex workout gear might continue to cycle in and out of popularity there are two things that I hope are here to stay and I bet you can guess what I'm going to say? That's right Fun and Functional fitness gear and workouts.

One of our biggest concerns right now is an aging population mixed with overwhelming increase in obesity rates and cardiovascular disease it's really a perfect storm. Somewhere along the way we started working too hard and not playing nearly enough. I use the word play because that's how we need to start viewing exercise and fitness. If we can take a more lighthearted approach and crack a smile once in a while you can actual have fun while exercising! So now you're saying well that's great I hate running but if I fake a smile maybe I will enjoy it? No, if you hate running then don't do it! Get on a bike, get on a paddle board, and visit the local gym just try activities until you find the one that makes you happy. When or if you get board of that don't worry something new always comes along.

Exercise sometimes has a way of straying away from functionality. While having fun exercising it's important to also look at the functionality of what we're doing. Finding an activity that challenges our strength (especially core) and balance is a must.

If you have a job sitting all day you really need to work your core (back muscles are part of the core) and ensure that you have the strength to hold yourself upright all day with proper posture. Insert plug for slack lines these are a magnificent activity where fun and functional come together. You are constantly doing mini squats and lunges working all major muscles in the leg and gluts. You are balancing and standing with very good posture working the core and stabilizers.

If you have a job on your feet and lifting all day you might need to find a more vigorous activity to challenge your strength and make those day to day tasks easier. Cross fit gyms are going up all over the place, Regina alone has 3 well established ones; Cross fit Regina the first to open and now expanding to triple the size they started with as well as Flux Cross fit and Cross fit Villains. This is a perfect mix of strength and stamina where you can learn proper lifting technique and improve your overall strength. There is a good sense of comradery and some competition as well which is where the fun and smiling come in!

In short get out there and find some fitness gear, exercise routines or hobbies that while fun is also helping to improve strength and balance. Talk to a fitness professional and maybe take in a personal training session to find out what you like and don't like. Either way get active and smile while doing it!


You can find Fitness Solutions impressive showroom on 308 Circle Drive East, or you can check them out online ( and order too!) - and we suggest you read what their happy clients had to say in their listing in the Saskatoon Fitness Category. We are proud to GIVE THEM THE THUMBS UP! 


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