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Trusted Saskatoon Contractor and Renovations Expert answers Saskatoon Facebook Fan questions - PART 1

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Leanne Rollheiser: We are going to be redoing our bathroom on main floor. Is there a benefit to use the waterproof drywall for the entire bathroom ? There are five of us so many showers and baths. We do have a fan and a window. Just wondering for moisture.

A: Leanne, Great question! When you renovate a bathroom you want to ensure that the products are suitable for a high moisture area. We use behind our tubs different products when there is a ceramic tile application. We usually ask the tile contractor which products they recommend in that area. You don’t have to use moisture resistant drywall on the remaining portion of the washroom but I like to recommend that we do. The difference in the cost is so minor compared to regular drywall but the peace of mind is what you will get. With that many people using the washroom I would recommend it.

Caleigh Kimber: I have an extremely small basement bathroom, I am looking for suggestions to make it look as spacious as possible while still maintaining functionality. Any suggestions?

A: Caleigh, when you look into making a basement bathroom bigger you have to also remember that you will lose space from another area. It a lot of homes the basement bathroom walls are determined by the location of the main plumbing vent stack. This item goes from the basement floor right out the roof of the home. If you determine it is one of the walls that you want to relocate to give you a larger space then we remove the concrete floor as required to relocate this item and bring it back into the ceiling area and hook it back up to the existing. You can then enlarge your washroom. There are also other items that come into this but unless it is looked at there could be other restrictions or ideas that come to mind.

Julia Herperger: How can I budget for renovations? Any secrets? Many people under-estimate, and then are stuck with money issues.

A: Julia, when you think about renovations naturally the financing comes into the equation. Budgeting is always a factor. When we work with clients we try to discuss all options for their renovation. The budgets we set in our quotes are because in most cases the client has not determined the type or quality of the finish products. This will make for a peace of mind factor for pricing purposes. The main reason the clients go over their budget is because of changes in the contract. The items that are chosen for finish products will have a bearing on the final cost. Unknowns on the project will increase the final cost also but in most cases the contractor should be able to pre-determine the cost and explain the steps to ensure that the renovation goes smoothly. In some cases we explain to the client that they should allow in their budget for themselves after we submit a quote the amount of 10-15 % for unknowns and product change.

Becky Panter Myers: What is better and more cost effective? shingles or tin?

A: Becky, the cost difference between shingles and tin/metal is quite different. Shingles are cheaper and last 20-25 years based on the product. Tin/Metal if it is good quality will last many more years than shingles. In my area and in all the years I have been renovating homes I have never installed a metal roof on a home because of the cost difference. We have done metal roofs on commercial buildings.

Dawn Starblanet: I would like to put in a deck in the summer, What are the costs for lumber? for a few bundles or however you say it?

A: Dawn, when designing a deck you have to think about the different types of decking materials, handrails, etc. All of these items come into effect when looking for prices. We have built decks over the years using all products but we always use treated lumber for the main framing components. The decking and railings that are fastened to the framing is what the cost will be based on as well as the style of the deck you choose to build. Most decking products can be seen at lumber yards.

Laura Ellis: One question for all three experts: In each of your businesses, within the various product lines you carry, is there any focus on eco-friendly and/or Canadian sourced and manufactured materials? As a consumer I am trying to "buy Canadian" and eco-friendly as often as possible, in all aspects of my purchases, and am curious as to whether your product lines offer many options in this regard?

A: Laura, Eco friendly products are available in numerous building products. We usually ask the client to do their research and specify which products they would like us to use in their new home or renovation. It is cost effective if the client does their research for this.

Larry Hovdestad: How do i determine the size of high efficient furnace....everyone i ask has a different after many questions and many different answers i am more confused than ever and am ready to leave my 30 year old furnace in my 100 year old house...

A: Larry, we always contact a mechanical contractor to determine the size of the furnace when we design projects. A mechanical contractor should have people on staff that works with you for the new furnace. They have to look into the size of the home, amount of windows; some will look at the age of the home, as well as the ducts in a home of that age. Being 100 years old the home was never designed for today’s ventilation systems or the cost of energy. You might even get recommendations to relocate some of the existing ductwork to other areas of the home.

It doesn’t hurt to get a couple quotes from reputable contractors on this item and ask questions because of the age of the home. 



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