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Crestview Auto Service your TRUSTED SASKATOON TIRE DEALER shares a tip on scheduled vehicle maintenance

Let's face it, most of us do not think about the tires on our vehicles until we run into a problem....and that problem may be a major inconvenience at best; an accident at worst. Having your vehicle serviced by people that you trust is an absolute must. Let Don and the highly trained technicians at Crestview Auto Service work with you to make sure your vehicle is ready for the road.

Crestview Auto Service is your Trusted Saskatoon Tire Expert and they also offer full Auto Service and Repair in Saskatoon


Here Don shares a great tip on scheduled vehicle maintenance: 

Some of us look forward to winter while others do not. The snow and cold will come and we can be proactive in minimizing the affects of the change in weather on our vehicle.  Each vehicle comes with a service schedule designed to keep your vehicle working properly for many years, through the cold and heat. Along with the scheduled intervals routine inspections will identify a service needed before it becomes too late and a major repair is needed.  

Although regular oil changes are typically the main focus of maintenance, it is equally important to make sure the other fluids and wear items on the vehicle are properly inspected. The level of fluids is usually the easy part, although many manufactures have done away with the traditional “dip stick” to check some of the fluids. In these cases it is necessary to follow a set procedure that may include a scan tool to interface with the on board computer system before the level can be checked. Having lubricating oils in good condition is very important to proper function of your vehicle and help with reduced costs over the life of the vehicle.  



Many times a fluid will look ok but will have become contaminated and acidic. This will cause the component we want protected to be damaged from the inside out.  Once damage is done it cannot be undone without substantially more cost than routine maintenance costs. 

When systems are flushed on your vehicle it is important to have the proper chemicals and detergents used and to make sure all of the contaminants are flushed out. Fluid flushes that do not use the proper chemicals or detergents can leave the system dirty and in need of another service shortly after. Think of it as having a glass of milk, let it sit on the counter for a day and rinse it out, when you look at the glass you still have a film of old milk on the glass. When you wash the same glass with soap the glass is clean and ready for the dinner table. Your vehicle will thank you with reduced failures and the inconvenience that comes with a breakdown. 



For the most part your vehicle maintenance schedule is designed to service these fluids before they become contaminated and breakdown. At times these services need to be done sooner and can be determined by your qualified service provider. The manufactures schedule is the longest (not the shortest) time/mileage you should go before maintenance is done, to get the most from your vehicle. 

All of us want our vehicle expenses to be the least they can be. When we look at vehicle maintenance and repair costs as the cost of transportation, it makes sense that proper maintenance be done to reduce our cost of transportation.  

Find Crestview at 24, 23rd Street East  or online at - they are a fullservice Saskatoon Tire and Auto Repair & Service business and they can be found on the Saskatoon Directory under TIRES SASKATOON    they are your TRUSTED SASKATOON TIRE and AUTO REPAIR EXPERTS



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