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Trusted SASKATOON PAINTING CONTRACTOR provides a Trusted Tip on incorporating Neon into your home


Neon Colors to add to your Decor!



Sleeker and more modern than when they first made their debut back in the early 80's, hot pops of colour combined with reflective metals are making a strong comeback both on the runway and in home decor. Whether starting by adding brightly coloured accessories or painting a wall with a dynamic shade, there are plenty of solutions to integrate neon colours in every room in your home.



Neon in the kitchen is HOT! Here, bold colour feels fresh and modern in combination with elegant metal appliances. Integrate neon to your decor by painting a few walls or by adding bright coloured tablecloths, utensils or lamps. Opt for blue to create a clean and refreshing decor.




Adopt this new trend in the bathroom with paint on walls, furniture and even the bathtub! In the case of a sink or a bathtub, use a paint specifically designed for this purpose, resistant to moisture and heat. Consider adding green, which besides being refreshing, readily passes through all seasons.

Living Room


The neon pink fits perfectly with white, black, gray and even indigo furniture. Incorporate a touch of neon in your living room with a bright pink carpet or with some cushions on your couch. You can even go for neon furniture that will create a dynamic atmosphere in the room.



Add vibrant colours to your bedroom. Consider painting a few key elements such as your bed or the doorframes. You can also integrate neon colours with accessories such as cushions, rugs, vases or bright light fixtures. Think of yellow, lime or orange to add dynamism.






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