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TEENWORK.CA the Trusted SASKATOON JOB SITE for Teens and Students share a Trusted Tip on References is a website to help students and teens find work, and to help employers find great staff, it’s as simple as that. They saw a problem and created a solution. 

Here they share another GREAT Trusted Job seeker Tip!


Who to Ask As a Reference

References are people who know how you work and get along with people. Employers usually call references to find out more information about you. Some suggest you put your references at the end of your resume, while others believe that it is not necessary to include them, instead write “References available upon request” at the bottom of your resume.

Here are some tips and advice:

•Have your references ready to go before you start applying for jobs.

•You should have at least three different references.

•Do not use any family members as references.

•You must ask them for their permission to use them as a reference.

•Ask: a previous employer, a teacher, a coach, a guidance counsellor, or someone who you’ve volunteered for.

•Include their name, title, where they work and their contact information (address, phone number, email)

•Keep your references recent and fresh, ensure that their contact information is also up to date.

•Update your references every so often.

•Tell your reference a little bit about the jobs that you are applying for.

•Be sure to thank your references, send them a nice thank-you card.  THE Solution for Teens and students looking for work...created BY Teens for Teens...and Trusted too!



Stay Trusted my friends ..SAFE AND TRUSTED SASKATOON

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