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TEENWORK.CA the Trusted SASKATOON JOB SITE for Teens and Students share a Trusted Tip on Interviews is a website to help students and teens find work, and to help employers find great staff, it’s as simple as that. They saw a problem and created a solution. 

Here they Share a TRUSTED TIP on the SASKATOON DIRECTORY of excellence!


How to Ace an Interview

First Impressions Count!

Don’t be late. Arrive 10-15 minutes early as this will give you time to get settled and focus on the interview ahead.

Dress to impress. Look professional, don’t wear jeans or torn/stained clothes. Don’t go over the top though, be casually professional. Make sure your hair is also neatly done. Click here if you want to know more.

Bring a copy of the contact information for your references if you haven’t included them in your resume

Prepare, practice, practice! Make sure you know something about the company and are able to say why you would like to work there and what you will be able to contribute to their team. Mentally go through answers to questions that you think the interviewer will ask. Click here for typical interview questions.

Know your availability. Know what your schedule is like and when you will be available to work.

Watch your body language. Sit up straight, don’t slouch and be aware of any fidgeting you might be doing. You may want to bring along a file folder or notebook to hold onto to keep your hands still.

Maintain eye contact throughout the interview. Be aware of where you are looking.

Speak clearly and loudly in a confident tone, don’t mumble or whisper.

Give a confident handshake at the beginning and end of the interview.

Turn OFF your phone. Even a small vibrate will be an unpleasant interruption.

NO chewing gum! Take time to think about the answer. Don’t rush and blurt out just any answer, pause and formulate the best answer. If you’re panicking because the interviewer has asked a hard question, stopping to think will also calm your nerves. Your answers should be to the point. You can always ask for the question to be repeated.

Thank the interviewer at the end of the interview for their time.

Think confidently, smile, and relax. Every interview is a learning experience, and you’re going to do great!

Send a thank you note. Whether you got the job or not, this will set you apart and make you memorable.  THE Solution for Teens and students looking for work...created BY Teens for Teens...and Trusted too!



Stay Trusted my friends ..SAFE AND TRUSTED SASKATOON

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