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KONI CHERRY our Trusted SASKATOON PASSION PARTY CONSULTANT shares Trusted Passion Tips POST baby...

 Passion Parties by Koni Cherry, - The Ultimate Girls’ Night In®
Having a Passion Party is a great way to experience the ultimate girls’ night in. You’ll giggle, you’ll learn and best of all – Koni will show you ways to spice up your love life. Plus, you and your guests can earn FREE products. All you have to do is get your friends together –Koni will  take care of the rest!
Here are Tips for bringing passion and feeling sexy whilst pregnant and after a baby!

Passion Tip 5

Women’s bodies are forever changing “post-baby”. Depressing right? Oh, but there is good news! I’m not talking about your waist not getting back to pre-baby size, or your breasts changes, but how sensitive your body becomes to stimulation. During pregnancy, blood flow increases, causing your genitals to swell. Post-pregnancy, blood vessels are enlarged – and could even stay that way permanently. As a result, your lady parts become more sensitive to stimulation (in some cases EXTREMELY), resulting in more intense pleasure! So next time you are standing in front of the mirror and feeling a heavy heart looking at your posts pregnancy body, just remember the upside…… more sensitivity where and when it really counts!

Passion Tip 6

For new mothers, especially nursing mothers, dryness can be a concern. Some women who have never experienced the need for lubrication can suddenly find themselves needing a little extra help. This is completely normal and not always permanent. Thankfully, there are a few products on the market that can help. RomantaTherapy®Revelation™ Lubricant is a waterbased lubricant that can be reactivated with water. For new mothers with so much on their plate already, simplicity is key and it doesn’t really get much simpler than that.

Passion Tip 7

Labor and delivery can wreak havoc on the V-jayjay. Though the elasticity eventually returns much of it’s pre-baby shape, regular kegel exercises can furthen tighten it and strengthen orgasms by working the PC muscles. You only need to do these exercises for six minutes a day. Kegel Pods are great for beginners, Pleasure Pearls are good for the intermediate exercises and Ben-Wa Balls are for the more advanced. A woman’s body changes so much during and after having a baby. A woman may find areas of her body that weren’t very sensitive before, are suddenly that “sweet spot”. Take time to get to know your body, either by yourself or with your partner. Don’t be shy in communicating new discoveries with your honey. The book “Passion Parties Guide To Great Sex” is filled with lots of great tips for releasing your inner Passion Diva.

Passion Parties are designed to inform and educate women through tasteful in-home presentations where you have an opportunity to experience sensual products specifically created to enhance your romantic relationship. Best of all, you’ll have a blast in the process. If you’re ready to take your intimate life to a whole new level, Koni has JUST what you need.

Hosting a Passion Party is both free and fun, and as the party hostess, you’ll be rewarded for your time and effort. What have you got to lose? Book your party  with Koni today by calling - 306-2296510 or email:
You must be at least 18 years old to host a party.
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