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Join the Habitat for Humanity Saskatoon initiative to raise $100k in 100days by 100 Women.

Community involvement is a big part of what S & E Trusted Online Directories, the company that owns does, and we do this in many ways:

    • Supporting the best locally owned and locally accountable businesses .  
    • Helping the public find trustworthy local service providers and retail destinations.
    • Educating the public with tip's and resources in our massive local libraries.
    • Community involvement in so many ways .... from helping individuals in need to donating time, money and resources to local non profits and fundraisers - Trusted is  committed to giving back! 

Sara Wheelwright the Trusted founder is the volunteer Chair of the 2014 Habitat for Humanity Saskatoon $100k in 100days ladies Build.

Find out how you can be one of 100 local women who are making an impact in the lives of local low income working family in Saskatoon by watching this 30sec video! 


" With your help Habitat for Humanity Saskatoon can raise $100,000 in 100 days, which is the funding needed to build a Habitat home for a family.

-Imagine paying over 60% of your monthly income for rent for a small apartment that is not safe for your family.

-Imagine having to choose between paying the power bill, so that the lights stayed on another month, and buying groceries.

This is reality for too many Saskatoon families. The need for affordable housing has never been greater in our city. It’s not just stroking a cheque....there is more ( if you want it )

Ladies, beyond the extremely generous act of giving ( or raising) the $1000, this initiative is unique, as we also includes many EXTRAS! 

**If you choose to be 1 of the 100 women, in Feb 2015 you will be treated to an exclusive 100 in 100 Red Carpet Extravaganza Party to celebrate achieving this amazing goal ( anyone that knows me, knows I throw a heck of a party! Not to be missed)

**Be part of the build itself – offer your skills ( and / or your families, employees, team members or fellow fundraisers skills ) on build days throughout the year, and work alongside the families that will benefit from this extraordinary fundraiser- as they pour their own sweat equity into building the home they have always longed for !!

BE PART OF THE SOLUTION Last year in Regina $100,000 was raised in just 49 days. ( I think we can beat them …)

Please forward this post and CHALLENGE your friends to join us as part of this exciting campaign.



 The 100 days started September, 15, 2015 it ends on Christmas Eve 

Watch out for the many 100 in 100 days  events are being organized to raise money- find them on The Little Red Dress Club Facebook Page and The Habitat for Humanity Saskatoon Page  - if you can't donate $1000, i urge you to think out side the box on how you can contribute - share this post on social media , attend the events to raise money BE INVOLVED ! " 



Click here to join us  and learn more on the $100 in 100  Facebook event page

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