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Gibbon Heating and Air Trusted Saskatoon plumber share Fall plumbing tips

Gibbon Heating & Air Conditioning has been serving Saskatoon and surrounding areas for over 25 Years, a "Total Service" company with trained technicians who are able to provide customers with solutions to all their SASKATOON Heating & Air Conditioning and SASKATOON Plumbing related requirements!

They are Trusted Saskatoon Plumbers 


Get Your Home Ready For Winter with these Fall Plumbing tips:

Even though cooler fall days are a sign that colder temperatures are approaching, many families are often caught with their homes unprepared for the winter ahead.

Plumbing Service

Your home and its plumbing weren't built to withstand the winter cold, at least not without a little help. As winter approaches, there are a number of steps you should take to ensure your plumbing system continues to function properly while at the same time protecting your home from potentially serious damage. Here are a few plumbing service tips that will have your home ready for winter:

1.      Disconnect water hoses outside your home. If left connected, the water in the hoses will freeze and expand. This can ultimately cause the pipes in your house to freeze and expand until they burst.

2.      Ensure no outside faucets are dripping. All leaking faucets should be repaired. If not repaired, the pipes can freeze, causing water pressure to build up in them.  Whether made of plastic, steel or copper, the pipes eventually do burst, flooding your home, and causing a significant amount of damage.

           Insulate plumbing pipes. Plumbing service experts usually recommend that all visible pipes be insulated, especially those next to the outer wall of the home. If there is not heat from a central source (like a furnace), this should be done meticulously using heat tape or a thermostat controlled heat cable.

3.     Service your home’s water heater. Your water heater will be your best friend this winter and every winter, but to ensure it continues to work properly through the winter, you must have it serviced in the fall. Your heater should be flushed out and all sediments removed. These sediments are the leading cause of internal corrosion, contributing to your heater’s inefficiency. Different heaters from different manufacturers usually have specific service instructions. Hiring a professional with experience in water heater servicing is your only assurance that this will be done properly.  

4.      Change your filters. Have your furnace inspected by a professional. Furnace inspections reveal vulnerabilities in the furnace, such as cracks and moisture logging. Plus, a properly functioning furnace can save you hundreds of dollars in heating expenses.

5.      Inspect your sump pump and pit. Pumps exposed to extreme cold will freeze, preventing your pump from achieving full functionality, and of course, hindering the process of pumping sewage away from the home.


Call the plumbing service experts at Gibbon today at 306.343.9576 and schedule an appointment to get your home's plumbing systems ready for winter. You can also send us an email at or fill out our online service form.  


You can find Gibbon Heating and Air online Check out their listing here in the AIR CONDITIONING & FURNACE Category on THE Saskatoon Directory of excellence..they are your Trusted FURNACE EXPERTS Right here in Saskatoon!


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