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Bateman Jewellers Trusted Saskatoon Jewellery Store provide a Trusted Tip on cleaning jewellry!

Bateman Jewellers are Saskatoon Jewellery Experts...did you know that they are the oldest independent jewellery store in Saskatoon! Bateman Jewellers maintain that the relationship with their clients is very important to them, and Trusted is sure you have heard Cam say in his well known radio ads " Your jewellery is a lifetime investment; Buy it from a lifetime friend. " ..Trusted can attest to the fact that they really DO mean it, and we are proud to have Bateman Jewellers as Trusted Saskatoon Jeweller!

Here Cam shares his First Trusted Jewellery Tip:

Cleaning Jewellry

There are a couple of "urban legends" about how and what to clean your jewellery with?

1 - Comet - a wonderful cleaning agent but terribly hard on your jewellery even when cut with water and mixed to a paste. Comet has chlorine bleach which is a mild acid that actually eats away minute amounts of gold. It is especially hard in the places we solder things back together like chains when they break or rings when they breaks in the same place it was just sized. It also says No Harsh Abrasives except it has Quartz in it which is harder than glass so you decide on how abrasive. For the same reason we DON"T recommend you to wear your gold or sliver jewellery in pools and hot tubs. Again cause of the chlorine. This is why your chain becomes brittle after a few years of wear.

2. - Toothpaste again abrasive and the new whitener types have bleaching agents so same problem as comet.

3. - Bleach has Chlorine again no good it is an acid eats the gold.

4. - Pools and Hot tubs use chlorine products to disinfect explained in comet section.

Keep it simple for years to get your dishes clean we used Palmolive soap. Palmolive is a grease fighter... whats on your ring is the day to day oils from your skin ie grease and also from lotions etc. It is wonderful on your jewellery washes off with water!For stubborn dirt add the use of a soft tooth brush and wa la squeaky clean every time. You can use other brands like sunlite etc. But in 67 years we have found Palmolive to be the best and still use it today...for our dishes too.

Thanks, to Cam from Bateman Jewellers ! 

Alternatively take them  in for a FREE cleaning and inspection even if they weren't bought at their store!!!

Find Bateman Jewellers on 2nd Ave South or online at . Bateman Jewellers are your Trusted SASKATOON JEWELLERS


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