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BATEMAN JEWELLERS Trusted SASKATOON JEWELLERS provide a Trusted Tip on caring for your watch

Bateman Jewellers are Saskatoon Jewellery Experts...did you know that they are the oldest independent jewellery store in Saskatoon! Bateman Jewellers maintain that the relationship with their clients is very important to them, and Trusted is sure you have heard Cam say in his well known radio ads " Your jewellery is a lifetime investment; Buy it from a lifetime friend. " ..Trusted can attest to the fact that they really DO mean it, and we are proud to have them on board as our Trusted Saskatoon Jeweller!

Here Cam shares his latest Trusted Tip:

Caring for your watch,..another Myth busted

A lot to people believe that pulling out the "knob" (ie the crown) on your watch preserves the battery life!

Two things go wrong when this happens.

  1. You have stopped the "movement" (motor that runs your watch) from running. The effect is that your not using battery power and yes infact you are not. But your also stopping the oil from constant motion causing it to hard up. Kind of like your arteries when you get no exercise. This results in having to have your watch serviced to remove the hardened oil and replacing it with new oil allowing smooth motion once again. Usually at a cost of $60 -$100 dollars.
  2. You put the battery into a state of shock. It now has no way to expel the stored energy inside. So as a result it eats itself up from the inside usually resulting in a leaking battery acid. Which usually eats the contacts or the base the battery sits in. The result is you have to Service the watch to remove the contaminants that are jamming up the gears in the movement. Again at a cost of $60-$100 plus and parts that have been damaged by the battery acid.

So I suggest to our customers for the cost of a battery $10-$20 which lasts 2-5 years is much less expensive than a Servicing. It is also better for the watch in the long run and when you go to use it it's on time!

P.S. yes technically there is slightly more wear on the movement leaving it run all the time but verses the damage that can result from leaking battery acid or hardened oil. I still recommend leaving it run.

Cam Bateman Jewellers

"Your jewellery is a lifetime investment, Buy it from a lifetime friend"


Find Bateman Jewellers on 2nd Ave South or online at they are your Trusted SASKATOON JEWELLERS





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