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TRUSTED SASKATOON USED AUTO DEALER share a Trusted Tip on Buying a used vehicle  auto tips

Trying to find the vehicle

It is always tough to say where you will locate the perfect car or if it even exists. It is always possible to find the best car at the worst place or the worst car at the best place based on the retailer's reputation. It is important to be patient; a rushed purchase can quickly turn into huge headaches. Sometimes it seems easier to settle only to find out after the fact that your hastened purchase was not the right one.

Where to look for your new used car

You can look in all newspaper classified ads. You can also surf the Internet and look for websites such as our own Kijiji.saskatoon or You will be able to browse this large inventory to get an idea of what the average selling price may be for the vehicle that interests you. Also, if you are not certain of your choice, you will be able to compare models side by side, read reviews by owners and professionals. After you have increased your level of knowledge on the vehicles and have found one that fits your criteria, make an appointment to go see the vehicle.

Be well aware of the phenomenon known as the curb-sider or fake private-seller. As a tip, when you are calling an individual, simply ask about the car for sale. Should the person reply "Which one?" chances are you are dealing with an unlicensed re-seller.

Should I buy from a dealer or a private individual?

Remember that by buying from a private individual will allow you to save on taxes but will not permit you to purchase an extended warranty. By purchasing a car from a dealer, you will have the option of purchasing an extended warranty, which can save you money in the long run.

Beware of fraudulent ads that require a deposit before you can see the vehicle that is for sale. In fact, never ever send out any sum of money without first finding out more about the seller or coming into direct contact with him or her.



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