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Trusted Saskatoon Pet Crematorium Willow Creek Pet Cremations Tip On What to Do After Your Pet Passes

Willow Creek Pet Cremations is a family owned and operated business located in the RM of Corman Park, just north of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Their fully licensed facility services pet owners in Saskatoon and surrounding area. They are pet owners and pet lovers, knowing well the value each pet brings into our lives. Be assured they will look after you and care for your pet as if it were their own. 

Willow Creek Pet Cremations is your Trusted Saskatoon Pet Crematorium

What To Do After Your Pet Passes  


Life can be difficult after the passing of a pet. One is often faced with sadness, loss and longing. So Willow Creek Pet Crematoriums provides pet pick-up at your most convenient time. It is our hope that this will help ease your load. 



After you call Willow Creek, we will:


1. Arrange a pick up (or) drop off date/time for your pet. *Willow Creek will pick up in Saskatoon and all surrounding communities. 


2. Discuss your options, whether you prefer a shared, individual or private cremation for your pet. 


3. Discuss whether or not you want your pet's cremains returned to you. If you do choose to have them returned to you, you will need to choose whether or not to purchase a permanent urn for your pet's cremains, as they are an up-charge, or stick with the basic-temporary urn that it comes with any cremation, as any individual & private packages come with Basic-Temporary Urns.


4. Willow Creek will then contact you and arrange a drop-off/pick up time post-cremation.


After you have received your pet's cremains you have many options to consider when deciding how you can honour the life of your loved pet. 

Here are a few ideas:


-Store them securely in an urn and place on your mantle or somewhere on display to reflect upon your time with them.


-Place them in a necklace that sits close to your heart


-Scatter them somewhere your pet loved to be: The park, the yard, the garden, the lake (check your local bylaws/restrictions first) 


-Put sealed cremains in their favourite stuffed toy


-Bury your pet's cremains with a memorial/headstone/garden stone. 

Trusted Saskatoon warmly welcomes Willow Creek Pet Cremations to our directory of excellence in the Saskatoon Vets & Pets category, and we are proud to give them the thumbs up!

Check out Willow Creek Pet Cremations listing here, and read client reviews.

Solange of Invisible Fence Brand of Saskatchewan Answers the Question - Do Your Collars 'Shock'?

Invisible Fence® Brand systems Saskatchewan are invisible boundary systems for your yard and home! It keeps your pet out of harm's way and prevents unwanted behaviours throughout your home and yard. The systems are safe, humane, and highly recommended by Veterinarians, Behaviorists, and pet experts. Over the last 45 years, they have helped more than two million pets and their owners lead safe and harmonious lives together, and their exclusive training program allows dogs and cats to learn their boundaries without fear, distress, or behavioural harm. 

Invisible Fence Saskatchewan are Trusted Saskatoon Pet fencing solution experts!  

Do Invisible Fence Collars 'Shock'?

This great photo below,  of a dog choosing not to "cross the line" of their invisible fence, despite some tempting moose in the yard, prompted this question on social media: "So would it have gotten a shock if it crossed the line?"

Solange, owner of Invisible Fence® Brand systems Saskatchewan, answered: 

"It does not give them a shock. It is a sensation that they just don’t like. It is kind of like a 
chalkboard to us. It doesn’t hurt us to scratch our nails down a chalkboard, but we sure as heck won’t do it because we cannot stand the feeling of it. So think of their boundary as their chalkboard. Even if I had to turn a dogs collar up onto the highest setting because he was that stubborn, the greatest amount of static in his collar is no more then when you drag your feet across carpet. But a rate of vibration is added into it creating that sensation that they just don’t like. When we begin the training with your pets, it is on a low rate of vibration only which you and I cannot even feel in our hand.

I always put the collar in the owner's hand so that they can feel what they are feeling. You will look at me and tell me you don’t feel anything. And that is the point. You will watch me teach your dog to learn and understand what and where his boundaries are on a setting that you and I cannot even feel. Eventually, his collar settings will change in order to keep him within his boundaries should he be tempted to leave. But that is not done until he gets to know his boundary and which way to turn at his boundary 100%. We let him make all the mistakes while learning on a setting that we cannot feel. This way, they have a full understanding of their boundary before their settings are put to a containment level designed for each and every dog individually. Their containment settings will be customized based on their breed, size, age and personality. Perhaps one of your dogs are timid and the other one is the opposite. Then their collars will be set very differently. The training will be done differently as well."

Solange Continued...

" This is one of the many reasons that makes us so different from anything else out there. Because we have the ability to set the collar on a low rate of vibration only allowing the dog to learn. Dogs thrive on their training. They love to learn new things. So when they get to learn at something that is only making them aware but not startling or scaring them at all. Research has been done with invisible fence brand products where researchers and veterinarians hooked dogs up to machines that measured their heart rates and stress levels. Not one single dog was ever under any kind of stress or duress while going through the training. Because it is done in such a kind and gentle way. This is why animal behaviourist and veterinarians support invisible fence brand products and the training. The training was designed by animal behaviourist specifically to go with our systems. Thank you for asking this question I hope that this was helpful. You can call me anytime and I can explain further."

At Invisible Fence Brand of Saskatchewan they're passionate about protecting pets — so you can focus on fun! Get more information on the solutions they offer by visiting their listing in the  Trusted pets and vets category. 

Trusted Saskatoon Pet Health Store Experts answer Facebook Fan Questions

 Trusted SASKATOON PET Experts for advice on Pets! Talk to the ExpertsSpecialty Retail Show-


Q: Corely Heilman: Is it unhealthy to change your dogs food often? Or is it better to keep their food the same all the time?


A: This is a personal preference, customers usually want to change their pet’s food because they want to give variety and feel their pet would be getting bored with eating the same thing everyday. The truth is that pet’s are driven to food on smell not taste so if their current diet is working then it’s not necessary to change. Remember that when switching formulas that you should always slowly mix in to get their stomach and digestive tract adjusted even if it’s the same brand but a different flavour.


Q: Joanne Cliff: What is the best all natural dog food on the market to feed our samoyed dog who is getting up there in years?


A: At out stores we recommend pet food’s based on their ingredient list, not the brand name. We believe it’s what’s inside the pet food that makes it good! We have a variety of healthy Canadian pet foods that have some of the best ingredient lists on the market. If you visit any of our stores we can show you what to look for and what to avoid. We will never recommend a pet food with any by-products, corn, vegetable protein concentrates, wheat or fractionated grains. It’s not necessary to change your pet’s diet if they are becoming more senior (you wouldn’t cook a different meal for your grandparents than you would for yourself right?). You can continue to feed the same food but it’s always best to adjust feeding levels if they’re starting to gain weight and to add a supplement for their joints separately.


Many pet foods market themselves for senior however do not have sufficient levels of joint supplements in them to be very effective, for example many pet foods have 500mg of glucosamine per kg of food. So you must feed 2.2lbs of dog food to get that 500mg which isn’t realistic. We have many powdered supplements in the store that allow you do give effective doses at a very reasonable price ($4-5/month).



Q: Jerri McPhee: My dog recently developed allergies. He is now on a hypoallergenic food. Are there any treats on the market that are safe?


A: We deal with pet’s with allergies all the time in our stores and we have many options for hypo-allergenic diets and treats in our store. Generally you want to avoid corn, wheat, soy and dairy if you believe your pet has an allergy. However if you have a list of ingredients to avoid we can help narrow down a product for you in the store! Normally we recommend going to a food or treat that is a single animal protein (meaning it only contains one type of meat protein such as lamb) and the product should also be completely grain free. There are also vegetarian treat options that normally work for pet’s that have severe allergies.



Q: Cheryl Beardsworth: My senior cat who is 19 had arthritis is there anything (on the natural side of things) that I can get for her that will help with the stiffness and pain. Especially when it is about to rain?


A: We carry a variety of natural supplements to help with pet’s joints. We have a supplier where we get our pure glucosamine from, along with our other supplements, so your pet is getting a non-diluted natural product. The different powder products are sprinkled on top of the pet’s food and the dose is based on the pet’s weight. These supplements should be given once a day so the pet receives the maximum benefit from it.





Q: Kyla Kuffner Peterson: What is the appropriate age to switch a dog from puppy food to adult food?


A: Many people are under the impression that you must feed a puppy specific diet to their new addition and switch to adult later. The truth is that a good All Life Stage recipe is all your pet needs and you can feed this food all throughout their life! All life stage recipes meet both puppy and adult nutrient profiles as required by AAFCO. Many healthy pet food’s do not even make puppy formulas anymore, instead they just have a more dynamic feeding chart which outlines what to feed your puppy or adult. If we think of this logically with our own lives, we do not make special chicken for children at the supper table that adults can’t eat and if a pet was in the wild there is not a rabbit made specifically for puppies that adult dogs cannot eat. Always remember that feeding guidelines on pet foods are just a “guide” and that you should adjust the feeding levels based on your pet’s activity level and metabolism. If your pet is becoming over weight there is no need to switch foods, but simply adjust their calories by feeding less. If they are losing weight then bump up their feeding amounts. 


Find them all on their listing in the Saskatoon Vets and Pets category they are your TRUSTED SASKATOON PET STORE! 

Trusted Pet Store share their a Trusted Pet Tip- What to feed your aging pet

Trusted SASKATOON PET Experts for advice on Pets!


 Here is their latest trusted Pet Tip on your Pets aging!


Many believe at the age of 7 pets become seniors, that however can be a myth. Most dogs become senior when they start acting senior which can be shown by the following symptoms: slowing down, becoming stiff, or gaining weight. Sometimes we do not see these signs until our dog is older than the age of 7.

When we notice these signs in our pet, we often think of switching them to a senior diet which is not completely necessary. Some senior diets contain lower calories and joint supplements added diet the food. Instead of changing foods you can start reducing feeding amounts if the dog is gaining weight after all it is just about regulating calories if someone is losing or gaining weight. Take a look at our own lives, Grandpa does not have any special meat prepared for his meals but he may eat smaller portions. If we notice the dog is becoming stiff, sore or is hesitant to do stairs, then adding a joint supplement into the diet is very common. Most people have heard that senior diets have joint supplements in the formula which may help improve their joint mobility but we need to look at the levels of the supplement included. The joint supplement levels are provided in mg/kg which means you have to feed 1kg to get the dose indicated. Many diets have levels of glucosamine around 500mg/kg that would require you to feed 1 kilogram (or 2.2lbs) of food in one day to get the 500 mg dosage. Therefore it is more efficient and beneficial to the pet to supplement a powder into their regular food to give a sufficient dosage which will help your pet with its joint problems.




We suggest adding in one of the many supplements that we carry which are pure and natural products. We carry joint supplements that have been scientifically proven to support the regeneration of damaged joint cartilage and joint fluid. A lot of the time, you only need to add in about an 1/8th of a teaspoon for the pet to get the recommended dosage, which is more cost effective, and allows the pet to start feeling better faster. Normally the cost of adding the supplement in separately only costs around $3-5 a month.



Trusted Talk to the Experts- The Trusted SASKATOON Lifestyle Show -

Trusted THE Saskatoon Directory   is proud to be hosting a Talk to the Experts show " The Trusted Show' Every Month on Newstalk 650 ..the first show aired June 9th.

This latest show we are featuring is the TRUSTED SASKATOON LIFESTYLE EXPERTS SHOW

Aug 11th Talk to the Experts Show with  featuring Trusted Owner/Founder Sara and Trusted Partners

They are answering questions from the Trusted facebook fans..this is a unique concept and we are the ONLY directory that works for YOU the public....Trusted really is the smart and simple choice!

Part 1-  Dental Procedures abroad



Part 2 - Magda from Cumberland Vet Clinic




Rachelle Nieman  a Trusted Saskatoon Facebook fan  Congrats..Brent picked your GREAT question and you win an Apple TV , Nucerity Skin Solution and a wonderful Prize package from Cumberland Vet Clinic - it always pays to be a fan or a follower  ( on twitter @Trustedcanada ) of Trusted! 

Contests and things to be won all the time!


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