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Trusted Saskatoon Trusted Auto Repair and Tire Specialists Interview Owner's Son Brandon

Let's face it, most of us do not think about the tires on our vehicles until we run into a problem....and that problem may be a major inconvenience at best; an accident at worst. Having your vehicle serviced by people that you trust is an absolute must. Let Don and the highly trained technicians at Crestview Auto Service work with you to make sure your vehicle is ready for the road.

Crestview Auto Service is your Trusted Saskatoon Tire Expert and they also offer full Auto Service and Repair in Saskatoon!!

We interviewed Don's son, Brandon who has recently become a partner of the family business!

Q: Were you always interested in the auto service industry?

Brandon: "I always had an interest in cars, it started because of my dad and the car he used to drag race. But it was only in my early twenties that I really thought about making this my career."


Q: When did you start with Crestview Auto and when did you become partner?   

Brandon: "I started working here full time in July 2008 and I became a partner on September 1st 2016."

Q: What is one highlight of your career so far?

Brandon: "I would say the highlight so far was when I received the highest achievement award for my fourth and final year of apprenticeship at Sask Polytechnic. I received award by having the highest marks for year which was 98% overall."