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TLC@home Trustedsaskatoon Salon Hairstyle Inn, Global Saskatoon and Cameco step up to help Saskatoon kids

Our Trusted Partners across the province as a group seem to have the same idea and many have made many small, large and ongoing commitments to hundreds of small local non profits in Regina and Saskatoon aswell as some of the larger fundraising initiatives going on that get alot of media attention.

We would like to draw attention to Hairstyle Inn a Trusted Saskatoon salon and their ongoing commitment to helping the kids of low income families in Saskatoon to have a better and more magical Christmas with their TLC @ Home program( Facebook page here)

This was filmed on December 7th 2012 at St Frances Elementry school, Saskatoon


Trusted Saskatoon Kitchen company KTS Custom Cabinets step up to save the day after familys home burns down!

Why should you choose a Trusted Business?

WHY can Trusted Saskatoon Partners can be Trusted and what kind of businesses do Trusted promote and endorse on our is a fine example of one of our Trusted Saskatoon Kitchen experts showing yet again that Trusted Saskatoon businesses CARE about Saskatoon ...they are truly locally accountable and locally focused

KTS Kitchen Cabinets save the day!

KTS Custom Cabinets spread some festive cheer to a Saskatoon family in need! 

The Trusted team is not alone in loving a touching story we would like to share a story that is very heart warming and very poignant at anytime of the year , but especially at Christmas time!

Kevin Samms and the KTS Custom Cabinets team recently found themselves with quite a few extra kitchen cabinets from a job where the customer had ordered too many. They were considering selling them on kijiji when they recieved an email from a woman whose neighbours house had burnt down.


The woman explained that the family unfortunately didn't have insurance,and they lost everything! Their neighbours were busy trying to put money together to try to help them rebuild.

After speaking with them at length on the phone the KTS team decided to donate a new kitchen to the family. They called around to their suppliers, who offered to help out after hearing the sad story and they were able to get all the cabinet doors donated as well as countertops! 

KTS Custom cabinets will be building them custom cabinets to fit their new home!

Kevin from KTS said " Its just one of those stories that touched me... i think local companies should try to follow their heart and try to help if they can in situations like this...we try to do what we can all year not only at christmas. I can't imagine if that were my family"


WOW KTS! What a wonderful story - we are proud to be partnered with and to support KTS . Thumbs up from the Trusted team!   

Heres one of KTS's beautiful hand crafted kitchens!

Heres Kevin with his beautiful wife Donna and adorable kids! A local family business with good old fashioned values!     


Find KTS Custom Cabinets online here or go to their showroom 110 2750 Faithfull Ave . They are your Trusted SASKATOON KITCHEN EXPERTS  on the Saskatoon Directory of excellence.


Hairstyle Inn your Trusted Saskatoon Salon ask for help with their T.L.C @ Home program is committed to giving back to the community and Trusted directories owner, the company S & E Trusted Online Directory has donated over $24,000 so far to local non profits since launched May 31st 2012 ..the Trusted team believes it is the right thing to do and we are committed to continue to give generously always..and to  help the people of the cities we service- that why we are the only directories that work for you ..all of you !  

Our Trusted Partners across the province as a group seem to have the same idea and many have made many small, large and ongoing commitments to hundreds of small local non profits in Regina and Saskatoon aswell as some of the larger fundraising initiatives going on that get alot of media attention. We would like to draw attention to Hairstyle Inn a Trusted Saskatoon salon and their ongoing commitment to helping the kids of low income families in Saskatoon to have a better and more magical Christmas.  with their TLC @ Home program( Facebook page here)


Hairstyle Inn - TLC@Home 2012 - Looking for your HELP!


 "To touch the life of a child in such a way as to love, care for, inspire, motivate and to give hope of opportunities by which they can improve their life and those around them."

The HairStyle Inn Salons Team had a desire to contribute to the community in which they work and live. So in 2006, in keeping with the Christmas spirit, the inception of TLC@home was born. Their program Touching Lives of Children @ Home has been able to provide a shoebox gift to children at one of participating city schools in Saskatoon for the past 5 years. For the last years they were able to give a Christmas shoebox gift to all the children at Princess Alexander School.

This year, with the help of our community partners, Global TV & Cameco, they will reach 3-4 schools with gift boxes for approximately 600-800 kids, including Princess Alexandra Community School, the original school. They are excited with the growth of the program and are looking to take it to the next level whereby they can set up scholarships and funding that can provide opportunities for these children that they otherwise would not have. They would be delighted if you would like contribute to the T.L.C. @ Home program this year. All contributions, in their entirety, go the children of TLC@home.

They can be dropped off at any of the Canada Safeway locations.


The TLC Gift box is a Christmas gift box that goes out to the children at participating city schools.

Each box is packed full of treasures & love and has the child’s first name on the box. This is their gift.

The schools provide us with a list of students by grade.

Following are a list of items that we recommend for each box:

 Hat & mitts or gloves

 Socks

 Age appropriate craft items

 Age & gender appropriate toys

 Toiletry items such as soap, tooth paste & tooth brush, comb, washcloth, shampoo & conditioner (ziplock any liquids please)

 Healthy food choices are preferred to candy

 T-shirts, scarves


Following items are not recommended:

 Peanuts or anything including peanuts or traces

 Knives, toy guns or violence related toys

 Used items

 Videos/DVDs or CDs

 Battery operated toys

 Red clothing items


Please wrap the shoebox in Christmas paper so that it can be opened to add sponsor items.

Place a post it note on the lid with gender & age of the child you have packed the gift for. ..we really NEED shoe boxes for older teenagers!!

We need all donations for this year to be in by Nov 30th

Thank you for your kindness & generosity!


BATEMAN JEWELLERS your Trusted SASKATOON JEWELLERS share information on the annual Diamond Dig at the Saskatoon EX

Bateman Jewellers are Saskatoon Jewellery Experts...did you know that they are the oldest independent jewellery store in Saskatoon! Bateman Jewellers maintain that the relationship with their clients is very important to them, and Trusted is sure you have heard Cam say in his well known radio ads " Your jewellery is a lifetime investment; Buy it from a lifetime friend. " ..Trusted can attest to the fact that they really DO mean it, and we are proud to have them on board as our Trusted Saskatoon Jeweller!


Bateman Jewelers Annual Diamond Dig for Care and Share  at the Saskatoon Exhibition 2012—August 7-12




Bateman Jewellers Saskatoon is holding it's annual Diamond Dig at the Saskatoon Exhibition this August from the 7 through the 12 at Prairieland Park. All proceeds from the dig will go to the Care & Share Charity which will provide Saskatoon children with the important necessities of life including clothing and food. Batemans takes pride in helping kids in the community and is donating every penny of the $2.00 each person will pay as well as the diamonds and CZ's for the dig.

How it works:

Each person to arrive will get a chance to take a $2.00 scoop from the pit where a small amount of diamonds and a large amount of Cubic Zirconia's (imitation diamonds) are hidden. Whatever gems are left in the scoop will be the individual's to keep. The goal is to try to obtain a diamond. The only way to distinguish between the properties of a cubic or a diamond is to bring the stones down to Bateman Jewellers where one of the sales representatives will weigh the stone(s) each individual has obtained.

What to do with the stones:

Whether it be CZ's or diamonds, both can be set into a pendant for $100.00 or earrings for $150.00 where both can come in 14K yellow or white gold. However, since we already donated the stones, we cannot do buybacks. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We hope to see you all there, and thank you for supporting such an amazing cause


Find Bateman Jewellers on 2nd Ave South or online at they are your Trusted SASKATOON JEWELLERS







Trusted Saskatoon brags about IMAGERY PHOTGRAPHY ..a Trusted SASKATOON PHOTOGRAPHER!  is so proud to partner with Imagery Photography and lets tell you why as we brag about this TRUSTED SASKATOON PHOTOGRAPHER !

It seems like everyone who runs in “photographic circles” knows Imagery’s founder, Milton Talyor.

Milton started Imagery Photography in 1977 out of a desire to be independently successful – and over the past 35 years has become a name that is synonymous with quality and artistry. As you can imagine, a lot has changed in the photographic industry over 35 years – the technology is very advanced as compared to the old equipment and processes. Milton comments, “There is more to creating a portrait than a magic camera and photoshop skills…our strength is in our experience, our background in the technical training, and our ability to understand the fundamentals – lighting, posing, and the mechanics of exposure.” Considering that Milton is a Master of the Photographic Arts, we truly believe that at Imagery Photography Saskatoon , you are dealing with the experts!

Your experience with Imagery begins with the initial consultation, where Milton, Betty and Brenda get to know a bit more about a person, and really listen to what you, the client, want from your session. This is crucial to the success of the shoot because this is where Imagery works with you to discover what style of portraiture will make you the happiest, whether it be journalistic, static, traditional, or environmental.

Listening to their clients is key to their success…Imagery Photography strives to give you the portraits that you will cherish. From this point, you then book your session (with a rain date chosen just in case!), and after that, a client comes back in to sit with Milton and the girls for the initial projection. This is where you can review all of the photos in the shoot with your photographic team to choose your favourites. After that, you are emailed your choices to make your final decisions, and then you are ready to order.

We all know that there are different reasons that people do what they do… some do it for the money, some do it for recognition, and some do what they do because they are passionate about it and genuinely love their craft. When we asked Milton what he loves the most about his work, he responded, “I love working in the environment, working with 3 or 4 generations of family, and working with young couples in love… you can see the passion people have for each other. Things in life will catch your eye if they catch your heart – these are the things you should persue.” Essentially, Milton sees himself as a historian – and this is where the artistry really comes into play. “This work will be seen 50, 60, 100 years from now.”

Imagery Photography works in collaboration with many photographers in the province, hoping to elevate the standards of the industry and the profession as a whole . Milton does quite a bit of mentoring, and the attitude is always that someone once took the time to share knowledge with him, and this is his way to give back to the profession. He states, “Having a cake and eating it by yourself is no fun. This is my cake and I’m sharing it!” Asked about retirement, Milton always says he’s retiring on the first…....the first time he doesn’t enjoy it anymore that is! . Well….here’s to many more years!!!!!


Read the glowing client testimonials from the clients Trusted spoke to on the IMAGERY PHOTOGRAPHY listing in the SASKATOON PHOTOGRAPHY & FRAMING category on the Saskatoon Directory of Excellence for yourself!!




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