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Trusted Saskatoon Plumber at Perfection Plumbing Verifies Plumbing Rumours

Perfection Plumbing was founded in 1996 and is locally owned and operated. They are different than any other plumbing company in the area. In 2001 they became affiliated with a national plumbing association called Plumbers Success International. Through this affiliation, they are able to bring valuable products and services to clients that they cannot obtain from any other plumbing service company in the area.

Perfection Plumbing are Trusted Saskatoon Plumbers on the Saskatoon Directory

The Plumbing Experts at Perfection Plumbing Describe Which Plumbing Rumours Are to Be Believed!

Not all rumours and myths contain a fragment of truth. Sadly, a lot of people put too much faith in hearsay, even though much of it is unsubstantiated. As a result, homeowners everywhere have come to fear events that won’t even materialize. Luckily, you can find out which myths contain some truth and which one’s lack factual basis.

#1: A Plunger is the Answer to ALL Clogged Plumbing

All earnest homeowners keep a plunger at home. These are fine to deal with minor blockage in drains and pipes. However, using a plunger is a skill that you need to learn. Too often, people inadvertently complicate the clog because they don’t properly apply the plunger, which creates an overflow. Therefore, it’s wiser to call a trusted Trusted Saskatoon plumber to deal with this issue.

#2: It's OK to Flush Anything Down the Toilet

Your toilet is not a garbage disposal. Irregularly shaped objects from the trash can get caught and cause a major blockage in the plumbing system. Similarly, the rumour that insists it’s perfectly okay to flush cat litter down the toilet is simply bilge. Animal feces may contain bacteria and parasites proving harmful to humans and the marine life via the sewage system.

#3: Clean the Bowl with Bleach Tablets

There is some truth to this myth. Putting bleach tablets in the toilet bowl does cleanse and add sparkle to your toilet. However, do not let the tablet linger in the bowl for more than 10 minutes. Prolonged exposure to bleach can destroy the plumbing system of a toilet within six months. Flush the tablet promptly and thoroughly, and remember to use only those tablets specifically designed for toilets.

#4: A Little Drip is of No Concern

According to a recent analysis performed by the Saskatchewan Watershed Authorities, Canadian households lose 1,200 litres of water every year due to a leaky faucet. That amount of water can fill as much as seven bathtubs. Aside from their drain on water supplies and the ecosystem, leaky faucets also affect your water bill. Don’t hesitate to call a trusted plumber to fix this problem right away.

Many other myths flourish undisputed, such as freshening the toilet bowl with lemon peels. Can it work? Yes, your bathroom will smell lovely. Soon after, however, you will likely be dealing with a clogged toilet. Before doing anything, rash based on myths, it’s wise to ask a plumbing service for a genuine and verifiable answer.

Wiebe Windows & More Excels Through a Mystery Shop!

Being a Trusted Business on the Trusted Saskatoon Directory of Excellence comes with alot of responsibility, no other directory, advertising medium or 'watchdog organization' puts businesses through the process we do before we promote and endorse them. Most other organizations offer is checking that the business has a valid business license, and maybe that they have insurance and don't have a bad rating, 99% don't even bother with that and those that do rely on the consumers to provide ratings, mostly unverified and un-qualified.


The Trusted Saskatoon businesses become Partners with a contract, and they become part of a community. In a community we all have our parts to play to ensure the directory maintains the standards and high level of integrity that it does. To ensure that our partners are upholding these guarantees on a daily basis we have a MYSTERY SHOPPER PROGRAM, where normal everyday people mystery shop our Trusted Partners, we then get our mystery shoppers to fill out a report to tell us about the experience!

Our latest business to be mystery shopped is Trusted Saskatoon Windows & Door Experts, let’s tell you how they did! 

Trusted Saskatoon Partner Business: Wiebe Windows & More

Date:  June 28, 2018


Name of Shopper: Darren Gregory 


1. How was the greeting/welcome/call answered? Very professional and informative. Quick to get back to me regarding my needs

2. If retail: Appearance of the store/staff and showroom? N/A

3. Product/Industry knowledge of staff? Brad clearly had expertise in his field. Other quotes failed in providing me with information required to secure a contract. He even took me to the manufacturer to see the quality of door quoted. 

4. If a quote is required is the quote well laid out/clear? There were no issues with the quote. It was as specified with all questions answered effectively and promptly

5. Did they ask where you found them? I offered that up when I met Brad for the first time

6. Overall experience 1-10. 9............... as close to a 10 as possible but he didn't comp my purchase 

7. Would you return as a customer/recommend them to close friends? I am in the process of using Brad Wiebe for another large-scale project immediately. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anybody.

8. Did anyone stand out as exceptional? If so who? Why? Brad!!!!!!!! And his staff that he uses. All professional and courteous.

9. If you made a purchase/booked a job how was the process? If so, refer to the Trusted Guarantees and give an overall mark on each if applicable:


1. Provide the service and quality promised. Yes
2. Complete the job on time. Yes
3. Charge the price quoted with NO surprises. Yes
4. Communicate honestly and be responsive to customer needs. Yes
5. Resolve any issues with customer satisfaction in mind. Yes yes yes!!

Please share any other comments relating to your experience with the company.

Brad Wiebe was by chance a great find. He is very talented.  His concern for customer satisfaction is paramount.  He did a great job removing a replacing a large patio door with precision and care. I enjoyed his honest recommendations and look forward to hiring him immediately for a larger project.  

GREAT Job Brad Wiebe and the team at Wiebe Windows & More! Yet again, proving that you deserve the THUMBS UP from !

If you want an awesome experience with Door, Windows & More with the Trusted Saskatoon customer service difference call Wiebe Windows & More today- Check out Wiebe Windows, Doors & More listing here - they are Trusted Saskatoon window and door pros !

Plumbing Experts at Perfection Plumbing Give Advice on How to Maintain a Clean and Functional Toilet

Perfection Plumbing was founded in 1996 and is locally owned and operated. They are different than any other plumbing company in the area. In 2001 they became affiliated with a national plumbing association called Plumbers Success International. Through this affiliation, they are able to bring valuable products and services to clients that they cannot obtain from any other plumbing service company in the area.

Perfection Plumbing are Trusted Saskatoon Plumbers on the Saskatoon Directory

Here is some pro advice from the very best plumbers at Perfection Plumbing:

Pro Advice on How to Maintain a Clean, Functional Toilet From Plumbing Experts at Perfection Plumbing

A toilet might not constantly be on a homeowner’s mind, but once it becomes inoperable, it preoccupies everyone in the household and protests will be heard. Since going to the toilet is such a big part of our everyday lives, it’s only natural to miss it when trouble arises. To avoid this uncomfortable situation, you need to stay on top of things in terms of toilet maintenance.

Clean Your Toilet Daily

Any system in the world tends to experience fewer problems when kept clean. As everyone knows, toilets are the place to flush away the body’s excrement. Urine and other bodily waste are naturally filled with bacteria and, in some cases, diseases. Did you know that bacteria can be propelled as high as 1.5 metres into the air when flushed? It will then stick to the surrounding surface. The simplest way to deal with this problem is to close the toilet lid before you flush.

Dispersed bacteria may be colonizing everywhere in the bathroom, including all the toilet components: the handle, the base, and toilet seat. Bathrooms are naturally humid places, a perfect environment for bacterial growth. Using disinfectants such as bleach or vinegar to thoroughly clean all surfaces. Be careful, experts say common toilet cleaning products can cause damage that leads to leakage.

Only Flush What is Meant to be Flushed

Is it wise to flush toilet paper? In Canada, the answer is grey. You can flush toilet paper down the drain, but only in limited amounts between flushes. Otherwise, be prepared to suffer the consequences! It’s possible to suffer damages or blockages within your plumbing system because of excess toilet paper, which can eventually lead to flooding of your floor.

The Canadian government is also advocating that citizens not flush down baby wipes, even when the manufacturer insists they are flushable. In 2013, these wipes clogged the sewer system across the country to cause damages up to $250 million.

Inspect the Inner Toilet System Regularly

Keeping the outer surface of the toilet clean is easy. However, it’s the system inside that presents difficulties you cannot see. Hire a plumber to perform routine maintenance so that you can catch problems early, before they cause even bigger problems.

During maintenance, a plumber will typically check your plumbing’s condition and identify potential leaks. You will also receive personalized tips on how to perform daily cleaning and maintenance of all your toilet components. Always keep your toilet well maintained.

End of the Roll Trusted Saskatoon Flooring Experts Give Tips About Puppy Proof Flooring

The moment you enter the doors at End Of the Roll, you know you have found the perfect place to help with all of your flooring needs. As small as a hallway to as large as a commercial space - their flooring experts will guide you through the selection process, making sure you end up standing on solid ground. It has always been the goal at End Of the Roll to provide customers with the highest quality flooring and the best purchasing experience. They are your TRUSTED SASKATOON FLOORING EXPERTS on the Saskatoon Directory of experts!

End of the Roll Flooring Describe "Puppy Proof" Flooring

Puppy Proof Flooring Your Dog Will Love

Roughly 60% of all Canadians own a pet and about 35% of those are dog owners. With that said, this leaves a lot of homeowners with a very commonly asked question...

Q: “What are the best floors for pets and dogs?”

Lucky, overtime, flooring manufacturers have tremendously increased the quality of their flooring and have put specific focus on creating products that are not only pet-friendly, but look fantastic too! With tons of different products to choose from, homeowners can easily get lost in the mix, wondering what products are right for their busy household. Don’t worry, in this blog End of the Roll Flooring Experts are going to break down the top 4 puppy proof floors that can withstand the day to day destruction that comes with owning a dog. After all, they are Trusted Saskatoon Flooring Experts!

1. Puppy Proof Carpet

While most people don't think of carpet as a pet friendly option, as mentioned above, manufacturers have made significant innovations over the years, providing pet owners with stain & water resistant carpet.

This has given your typical dog owner the privilege to own soft, luxurious carpet without the destruction that might come with owning a standard carpet. It doesn’t matter if there is an accident, dirt tracks, or spills, you can rest at ease knowing your carpet was built for these day to day activities. Oh, and the best part, your dogs are going to love it too! Click here to learn more about Mohawks SmartStrand Carpet. Click here to learn more about StainMaster Pet protect Carpet.

2. Puppy Proof Laminate

Laminate is another great option for dog owners. It’s the perfect floor for home owners that want to mimic the natural beauty of hardwood without the cost or the day to day maintenance that is required while owning a dog.

We all know dogs have a mind of their own and even the most well-trained dogs are willing to put your floor to the test. Fortunately, you won't need to worry about this (as much) with laminate flooring due to its 4 layer construction, specifically the wear layer. This layer is built to protect the floor from pet stains, fading, and surface burns making it a dog owners dream floor. Laminate is also very easy to clean and the surface is water resistant, another perk to keep your mind at ease if you're ever worried about your pet having any accidents. 

Click here to shop their laminate products today! 

3. Puppy Proof Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl, similar to laminate, is affordable, looks amazing, is durable, and has water resistant properties that make it the perfect candidate for pet owners. With a protective top coat, luxury vinyl provides ease of maintenance and a floor that is resistant to scratches and scuffs. Now you can worry less and spend more quality time with your dog!

Click here to shop their luxury vinyl products today!

4. Puppy Proof Tile

Tile just might be the best option for a household with dogs. It extremely durable, moisture resistant, scratch resistant, and very easy to maintain and clean. Not only that, but tile floors can last a lifetime if properly maintained. While tile flooring might come with a steeper price tag when compared to other flooring types, it’s typically the most practical floor for busy households due to its extremely durable properties.

Click here to shop their tile products today!

As you can see, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to picking a puppy proof floor. A couple things to consider when choosing a floor is your lifestyle, budget, and how much maintenance time you want to put into your floor.

If you have any questions feel free to contact End Of The Roll and they will have a Flooring Advisor ready to help you out! They are given the thumbs up by

Trusted Saskatoon Team Brags About MR Promotions & Apparel!

The Trusted Saskatoon Team is excited to announce our latest Trusted Saskatoon Partner. MR Promotions & Apparel are Trusted Saskatoon promotions and apparel experts! 

MR Promotions & Apparel

"Our business is promoting yours!"

Owner Kelsey Hufnagel has owned MR Promotions & Apparel since April 2017. When the Trusted Saskatoon team sat down with Kelsey and heard what the name stood for and learnt more about her business we knew that she was authentic, genuine and definitely had high business etiquette with customer service at the forefront! 

Did you know it's actually MR Promotions & Apparel not Mr. Promotions & Apparel? This was part of the great conversation that we had with Kelsey had when we first sat down together. She shed the reason behind the name. 

 "MR Promotions & Apparel or MR Promo as most people like to call us, is a heart and mind name combined. I needed something that would not only stand out, but careful not to be too trendy and I wanted a name that would withstand the test of time. I love MR Promo and what better way to include the initials of my children in the title. I have a daughter Maycyn who is 16 and a son Robbie who is 17. We have been through many challenges and lived bare cupboards for so long that I needed to do this for them. They have gone through a lot and that is why MR Promo name truly is a family name. Adding Promotions and Apparel is important because the advertising speciality industry is all about including apparel with promotional items. I wanted a name that would stand out and be recognizable. A name people could TRUST! MR Promo was unavailable as a business name so we designed it as part of the logo. Everyone still calls us MR. Promo and we knew that would happen and we love it! When people find out that MR actually stands for my kids names they are blown away and we all share in a good chuckle and laugh about it. It is a great way for me to connect with my clients. " - Kelsey Hufnagel (Owner MR Promotions & Apparel) 

Everyone knows that authenticity is everything to us at Trusted Saskatoon and we definitely know that Kelsey and her team are the real deal after chatting with some of her clients! We shared some on the MR Promo listing here - and here are some more comments from other clients.

"Kelsey is fantastic, outgoing and knows what she is doing. We had a great experience with her. We are currently going through the purchasing pages on MR Promo right now and she's been absolutely fantastic. We give her a 10/10 and would definitely recommend her," - Angie Sandin (Willowpoint Financial)
"Kelsey is currently working with us for our re-branding and we have a short timeline. She has been working directly with us to get things embroidered and quoted a very fair price. She is great at communicating deadlines and there have been no surprises. She is on top of everything, very professional, very good at knowing what we want and honest about all the products! She has our recommendation!" - Courtney Tuck (SureGrowth Technologies)

We asked Kelsey what her favourite success story has been so far and this is what she had to say:

"Honestly, I was asked by a significant role model in the Promo industry from the United States to be on his radio program. I didn't think I could do it, but it was an hour long and only felt like 5 minutes. To be recognized in the U.S. where the promotional industry is gigantic was a big deal for me. It has given me more credibility in the in the industry. It has also connected me to so many people that I needed and wanted to to help grow my business. My most exciting request so far was from the Regina Food Bank to quote 5000 shirts! It's very exciting!" 

We are proud to have Kelsey and her business MR Promotions & Apparel on our directory of excellence. She passed our verification process with flying colours and you will love her personality, promptness and all the great products she offers! 

Trusted Welcomes Kelsey and the team fto the Trusted Saskatoon community and we are proud give them the THUMBS UP! 

MR Promotions & Apparel are Trusted Saskatoon Promotions & apparel professionals 


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